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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ICL or IpL

Twenty 20 the recent trend of cricket has evoken all the sponsorships eyes.their views on the recent trend is like a duck yielding golden eggs. Because of their thoughts there came the evolution ICL and IPL.ICL is the dream came in the thoughts of Zee-owner Subhash Chandra who started icl after his requests got denyed by Bcci. In turn after the success of ICL BCCI started IPL which is the officially approved league for all country players. i feel this type of trend will not go further because people will not like harbajan singh taking the wicket of mahendra singh dhoni.lets wait whether its a grant sucess or...


Hi to all.just a few days before i heard about this blogging. It gives pleasure to write about our personal views n opinion and make others to see it...Just now i started blogging. will post interesting articles from my personal life n the things i have came across.