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Friday, June 20, 2008

3D Indiana – New evolution in technology

The combination of the world of medical and engineering has produced a marvel which will revolutionize the approach of the doctors. A team of medical experts and engineers in Kerala have introduced a 3 dimensional virtual human body named as 3D Indiana which could replace cadavers in medical colleges. The 3D Indiana is an exact replica of our human body and resembles all tissues and organs in our body.

This project took more than 3 years to complete and fifteen professionals have worked together in bringing out this wonder. This simulation tool is considered better than the 1986 model developed in US called Visible Human Body Project. The application is completely user friendly and matches the human body in all respects. The model is carefully sculpted after complete research and study from various real time surgeries, scans and text books. All the doctors who had an opportunity to work with this software are extremely delighted and have rendered their support for this creation. Infact this virtual body will be more visible and accessible from a surgeon's point of view than a cadaver. The product will be very useful in performing robotic surgeries and will assist in precisely locating the position of the particular part or organ. The positioning system is based on the principle of 'volumetric anatomy' which uses three intersecting axes to locate the organ based on mathematical calculations. Even the smallest bone in the human body called stapes could be identified and operated upon using this model.

The virtual human model will pioneer new inventions and provide a conceptual platform for students and scientists to work on. The next development would be to introduce new pathogens into the virtual body and explore the possible treatment options. This invention is without a speckle of doubt is a landmark feat in the field of medicine and good times will follow soon.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Germany into the Quarter-finals

Germany at last entered the quarter finals of euro cup 2008. Germany, Italy, France and Portugal are the four most expected teams of the Euro 2008 football cup. And just now the league matches are over and Germany had entered into quarter finals with lot more expectations. The senior players are suffering from injury and it seems to a pretty weaker team now. Tomorrow Germany meets Portugal which is a stronger team than Germany compared to this state. And Italy after a long struggle played with France yesterday and won the match at 2-0. Their goal keeper buffon is the key player of their team and France has lost to Italy consecutively for the second time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alternate For Petrol

Wow.. They had found an alternate to petrol. It has been a headache to the ruling peoples of the countries all over the world on the gigantic hike of petroleum products, and now a barrel of crude is about us$140 and surveys says it can increase upto us$200. An alternate for petrol has been found by the Japan Company which uses cold water as the fuel for the car they had designed. The car can move at a speed of 80kmph for an input of one litre of water. This car haven't came to market yet. I hope this car will soon come for sale.

Stick cricket

Are you a cricket fan…? Them I'm sure you would like to play cricket in online. Just a few days before I came to know across this site and I'm amazed to see its graphical content. We do have different options like head2head, tournament, all star slog and world domination, the recently released IPL. All the options are really cool and we just have to chase a particular score in limited overs. We can't bowl in this game and the only thing is we have to chase. Stick cricket has latestly been integrated by

Opera 9.5 launched

The new HTC Touch Diamond phone has Opera Mobile 9.5 as the web browser which has attracted several people. The company believes that the Opera browser will do much better than Microsoft's internet explorer. Opera Mobile 9.5 gives you a browsing experience which is very close to browsing on your desktop.

Many believe that the browser has more features than the Safari browser used in iphones. The Safari browser was lauded initially but it had its own downside which had difficulty in downloading files and didn't support certain file types on the web. The new Opera mobile browser has the capability to display the full version of web pages rather than the compressed WAP pages. The browser allows you to zoom in and out by taping on the particular portion of the web page and lets you scroll up and down the page with the help of your fingers. It allows you to open new pages as tabs within a single browser window. The browser lets you store web pages enabling you to work off line and reduce your GPRS bills. It has inherent downloader software and enables you to cut and paste text from web pages to text editor. Some additional features are MMS and dialing any phone number on a web page.

Despite all these features the browser is not the fastest and it is designed for touch screen devices which run on Windows Mobile 6. We would have to wait and see whether it will be available for older model phones and symbian phones. This software is not a freeware unlike Opera Mini and is still not commercially available. This little genius could well be released in a few weeks time.

Currently I'm using this version of software in my mobile for browsing and its so coooooool to use.

Apple Launches 3G iphone

Apple has unveiled its new brand of iphones which will work on third generation mobile technology. 3G technology will change the way we look at mobile phones. From high speed internet browsing, music, gaming and multimedia to real time true GPS data availability the Apple 3G iphones will be a big deal in the near future.

Apple has reduced the price of the equipment substantially relative to the 2G model phones but they will be available for sale only in Apple and AT&T outlets..These phones are the perfect blend of a phone, iPod and a fast internet device. The phone supports several features like MS Exchange, App Store and email services. The phone has the capability to get GPS information directly from the satellites and this information is very useful for routing and calculating the distances. The phone will be compatible for some third party applications and will also be available in white color this time.

As far as we in India are concerned things are looking bleak. The 3G auction has to be completed first and then the necessary infrastructure has to be developed. 3G phones bought from other countries will have most of their applications not working at all. Even the original 2G model iphones will be officially released in India by September only. Apple has signed a deal with Vodafone and Airtel to land in India smoothly. The Indians might feel left out of the technology race unless the government comes up with something special.

Billgates launches an alternate for mouse

Microsoft Corporation is working on a system that will eliminate the usage of the computer mouse inorder to interact with the computer. The genius believes that the way we interact any electronic system will change radically over the next couple of years. Input devices like the keyboard and mouse will no longer be necessary to control your system.

The future computers will be equipped with voice recognition systems and touch sensitive screens making it more user-friendly and time conserving. All these new systems will be embedded in the Microsoft Windows 7 software which will be released in 2010. Windows 7 users can input commands to the system by touching the screen with their fingers rather than using the mouse or the keyboard which is the predominant practice since the seventies. Microsoft is keen on moving towards the touch screen technology after the success of the technology with Apple's iphones. The number of touch screen devices is going up day by day such as in mobile phones, satellite navigators, PDAs and in remote control. Recently Microsoft has also introduced a few touch screen products and also has successfully demonstrated the "Touchable Paint" application.

Both voice recognition and touch screen technologies require precision and accuracy which are complex to develop. But the technology has grown and capable to predict and detect the correct input and neglect the accidental ones. For a person like me who types at the speed of a snail these advancements will be more than useful.

Finally Gujjar’s Problem comes to an end

At last gujjar agitation had came to an end in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan gujjar caste people are in second minority in population and they are asking government of Rajasthan to move them to tribal caste so that they can acquire all the privileges given to tribal castes. But they aren't worth for it and so Rajasthan government hesitated to give the privilege for them. The gujjars started this problem on looking on the general elections that's forthcoming in Indian constituency and their agitation had gone further like blocking roads and railway lines, burning all the government properties like buses, cars and autos. For the past one month this problem has been a headache for the government of Rajasthan and at last today they have come for an agreement with the gujjar leaders. Many trains have been diverted and about 30 to 40 trains had been stopped on regarding this issue. Now the problem has come to an end and I hope people of rajasthan will live peacefully.